BIOL 53700 Spring 2013: Immunobiology

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Midterm exams (2)
Final exam
Term paper
Primary papers (5 out of 9)






The final grades will be assigned according to the total number of points earned:

A+     exceptional effort
A       >92
A-      91.9-88
C+     75.9-72
C       71.9-68
C-      67.9-64
B+     87.9-84
B       83.9-80
B-      79.9-76
D+     63.9-60
D       59.9-55
D-      54.9-50

F        <50


If you feel that there has been a mistake in the grading of your exam, submit a re-grade request in writing within 1 week of the exam, justifying the request for re-grade.  Note that the entire exam will be re-graded which could result in either positive or negative change in the grade. This policy does not apply to errors in adding-up points on your exam.

Academic Integrity:

Students are encouraged to discuss freely the principles and applications of the material presented throughout the course. However, all exams and other assignments must be done independently (i.e. you must submit your own work, not something which was a group effort).  Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated in any form, including, but not limited to, cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, or attempts to carry out any of the above.  Any of the offenses breaching the academic integrity standards will result in sanctions. The first offense will result in the grade of 0 for the assignment in question and the next assignment (including exams), the second offense will result in an F grade for the course and a notification of the Office of the Dean of Students (  Please don't resort to cheating; if you are having trouble understanding the material, please talk to me, and I may be able to direct you to additional resources to assist in your studies.

I hope you enjoy the course. If any time during the semester you have comments or suggestions, I want to hear them.  Please, drop me a line or just stop by.

Last modified: January 6, 2013